Sport can raise you up to be more than you can be

One of the numerous advantages of promoting physical exercise is not only to have a healthy and active lifestyle but also building some of the most pivotal moral values such as the spirit of supporting each other, self-denial, hard work, dedication  and self-sacrifice, team work, tolerance and respect, loyalty, honesty and fair play

Hope and Service to Mankind foundation believes that Sport has the power to engage young people from a range of backgrounds and  bring about change and development in their lives.

Sports for Change,  our latest micro-project, focuses on encouraging children and young people from our community to take part in sporting and physical education activities. We believe that sporting activities are crucial for the development of their social, emotional and cognitive skills. This programme  is now in its second year running  and is supported by local and international volunteers who inspire, motivate and coach our 10 football teams (male & female) and run PE sessions at community schools.

This summer, we have had the pleasure of hosting a group of 10 volunteers from the European University of Madrid, Spain, who have been working with the HSMF football teams as well as students from Liberty Star Intl School in Klagon and Continental Basic in Ashaiman. They have greatly contributed to the programme by making available a range of different sports equipment to enable teachers to run more inspiring, engaging and inclusive PE activities. The group has been designing and carrying out physical activities with children ranging from 4 to 16 years promoting healthy and fair competition, boosting their confidence and self-esteem. The weekend of 27/28 July entirely revolved around the Sports for Change football tournament: 5 teams of Gomoa FC and HSMF FC were battling it out in front of a large and enthusiastic crowd at Gomoa-Bensu, Central Region. While the HSMF Seniors won (2:0) and the Ladies drew respectively (0:0), the Boys U13 (4:1 ), U15 ( 2:1) and U17 (2:0) teams will have to step up their game .

The return matches are due to take place on Saturday 3 August at Klagon and are again expected to attract large numbers of spectators. Our Volunteers of the  Sport for Change project,  really believe  that the sport can be used as a great way to help  young people to be the best they can be, bringing a change  for good in their lifestyles,  as we think the discipline of sport shows us that sacrifices in life can make us be better and stronger, that our opponents can also be friends, and that our limits can be surpassed.

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Disabilities centre

Let us tell you about this girl. She is 13 years old and that day, the 9th of May 2012, was her second day she was going out from home at Labadi-Accra in her whole life.

Paralytic below the waist, unable to move from birth, she was abandoned by her parents and her sister was the one who took care of her and does everything for her.

She came by the help of  her sister since morning to be part of our joint free wheelchair distribution which  was hosted by Hope and Service to Mankind Foundation and the Centre for Employment of Persons with Disabilities  with support from Always Praising the Father (APF) Ministries of America.

The aim was to see the girl using one of them, to gain confidence in herself was the most difficult to achieve.  But little by little, trying slowly but without stopping she got it.  She was moving by herself finally and was enjoying the freedom…And the smile on her face at that moment tells it all…I am gratefu!

She will be attending our school after the holidays.

Thanks to the partnership signed last year, we had the opportunity to return to the centre, but this time, with two boys from our community. One of them was already using crutches and he didn’t want to change them, but the other one came back  home using the wheelchair he had desire all this time.

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Women football match

Football matches are quite common in our communities and they are usually a success talking about joy and fun. But this time, the match was a really special event, because the protagonists were WOMEN!!!

The match was very hotly contested by the two teams, but we were all aware that we won the real game, the big fight…C H A N G E.

We were celebrating the great achievements and just right that women have experienced over last years. Anyway, there is still a lot work to do if we really want to start talking about equality. Equality that will allow and ensure an adequate and fair development to our communities…


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Promoting Agriculture and Food Security(Farming)

Promoting Agriculture and food security will be the best action in solving some of the problems in our communities.

Thus, the chiefs and people of Old-Ayoma in the Buem state of the Jasikan District in the Volta Region have given out to us five (10) thousand acres of land for the implementation of Agro-forestry, organic farming, etc. This project is in line with our Environmental protection project that aims at educating the public on the need for afforestation and desisting from environmental degradation but rather give protection to land resources and the atmosphere by engaging in tree planting to replenish the rapid depletion of our tree stock and other forest resources.

This project will help alleviate rural poverty that is currently hitting women, the youth, and the unemployed. The street children will also be recruited into this project and also it will help cut down on the problem of the youth moving to urban centres looking for jobs that are not there, also, it will help combat the increasing crime waves in our communities by creating jobs for all.

Our plans are to undertake the planting of teak trees as our main aim alongside marketable food crops such as maize, cassava, sorghum, beans, yam and palm fruits for oil.

In this direction, we will need Partnership, farming tools and funds more than ever.

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International Volunteers Day

HOPE AND SERVICE TO MAN KIND FOUNDATION organized a clean up exercise with the people and some of the foundation. This is just a few of our efforts to keep our communities clean and to promote good sanitation practices in our communities.

The exercise started at 6am and end at 10am. The work done was cleaning trenches and clearing weeds to prevent cholera and breading of mosquitoes.   Members were very supportive and hardworking throughout the activities. 

Despite our continues problem of lack of working and safety tools like shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows, hand-gloves , wellington boots and other necessary items, we did our best to achieve what was to be achieve by the able support of some members and individuals who came along with their own working tools. It is our hope that this situation will change soon to enable us to reach more communities.

The day continue with a football match with  local music and dancing (borborbor). The football match was between the youth club of Klangon and other youth members from Accra.

Before the match begins Jason (a student volunteer from UK) went to the field to have a word with the footballers before the game.

Whiles the players were on the field playing, the drumming and dancing was going on at the other side of the park which was very intresting and entertaining .The football match ended around 6pm with a goal against the youth of Accra.

There is the need to provide the teams  with proper jerseys which should be printed for the organization with one group wearing green and the other white and we hope that interested individuals will come to our aid to support develop and promote this and other healthy activities which aims at youth capacity building.

Members later on paid a courtesy visit to the chief and his people at the palace and also to introduce our visiting volunteer (Jason).

The chief of klangon told us the history  of the town and also the that of the throne and some  problems and challenges that the community and the Ghanaian as a whole is facing. He mention the high rate of unemployment and the lack of some social amenities in the community.

 Hope and Service to Mankind Foundation was officially welcome by the chief  with a bottle of schnapps and ask us to remember the fact that the community will need us always and welcome our volunteers to help bring education for the youth, women and children in the community. 

He promise to support our efforts should we consider setting up a learning centre to help his people since there are available land for school, public library, clinic and a sports complex.

He confess the fact that he believe and see a better future  with Hope and Service to Mankind Foundation vision and mission.

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International HIV/AIDS Day

Hope and Service to Mankind Foundation organized world AIDS day celebration in the Old-Ayoma and its surrounding towns and villages (Baglo, Kute, Dzolu, Baika, Lekanti, New-Ayoma, etc.) all of Eastern Jasikan District of the Volta Region of Ghana.

Celebrating this special day with the communities have inspired them to adopt non-violent attitude, to clarify and inform the families, individuals and the communities at large on the prevention against HIV/AIDSand STI, and Tuberculosis by organising concrete activities in the up and coming years.

The AIDS Day Workshops was about:
• Knowledge that using condoms can prevent all sexually transmitted diseases. Effectiveness against pregnancy.

• A Collaborative Solution for Tropical Diseases (Research, Treatment, and Prevention of HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis) in our communities

• Factors influencing adherence and self management processes.

• HIV/AIDS Prevention; HIV/AIDS Treatment or Therapies; Patient care

• Behavioural and social sciences related to HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care, focusing on communities hardest hit by the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

• HIV and AIDS are often misunderstood and misrepresented. AIDS is a disease draped in stigma and fear due to lack of understanding of how it is transmitted and treated.

• People in HIV- and AIDS-affected communities are not helpless victims. 

Hope and Service to Mankind Foundation is responding by mobilizing communities and group resources to educate the public about HIV and AIDS, provide care for those affected, and advocate for the resources and support they require to fight this disease.

We have been very instrumental over the years in establishing Networks and partners in neighbourhoods, family to family, groups, inviting and training people (volunteers) of the communities to become health promoters and we aim to continue.

Free condoms were distributed together with ‘T’ shirts and HIV/AIDS flayers. 

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We at Hope and Service to Mankind Foundation salute all volunteers around the world during this faithful period of recognition for their contributions to development in our communities and around the world.

We bring together literate and non-literate, towns, villages, people in comm
on respect for each other and for manual work to promote and encourage the development of the spirit of voluntarism among the youth and people of all communities by organising workcamps towards physical projects, literacy work,and establishing demonstrational camps
 and farms, Leadership training, camping activities and International Cultural Exchange Programmes.


A healthy and prosperous society based on gender equality and equity in every walk of life by improving the lives of the poor through education, economic and social development programs.

We share the vision of a world where all forms of disability can be avoided, healed or integrated and in which the rights of people with disabilities are respected and applied.

We are committed to serving MANKIND by providing the basic amenities of life to the helpless and needy people of all communities and also by encouraging Girl child, People with Disabilities and Youth education.
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Civic Engagement 2011

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Clean Up Activities, Football, Community Children Party and Awards – 4th June,2011

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Keeping the City Clean-05/2011/ Budapest-Hungary

International Exchange Programme


We bring together literate and non-literate, towns, villages, people in common respect for each other and for manual work to promote and encourage the development of the spirit of voluntarism among the youth and people of all communities by organising workcamps towards physical projects, literacy work, and establishing demonstrational camps and farms, Leadership training, camping activities and International Cultural Exchange Programmes.


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Projects 2011/2016

Programme Areas


Aim – This programme is to enable people with disabilities to fulfil their potential within society as citizens with equal rights and access to services, ICT and vocational skills development, establishment of enterprises, job placements and exhibitions showcasing the abilities of persons with disabilities.

Happy Children Project

Aim – Our happy child project is to rescues street and ‘at risk’ children.

Providing a 24 hour  emergency centre, safe homes and a farm community which provide a secure base for their rehabilitation and re-integration back in to families and communities.

We aim to meet the immediate needs of street children by supporting their families and communities.

In this way we are targeting the key issues which drive children on to the streets

in the first place by,

* Prevention

* Rescue

* Homes and Rehabilitation

* Education and Training

* Family – Re-integration, Fostering and Adoption

Secure Livelihoods

Aim – To support poor and disadvantaged men and women

in five regions of Ghana to achieve food and income

security. This will be through better engagement with

the markets and strengthened linkages with government

and other service providers.


(Tuberculosis, Malaria and neglected tropical diseases)

Aim – To increase efficiency and address common constraints.

To Relaunch the use of condoms and create a more

positive image of condom use in preventing HIV/AIDS,

other Sexually Transmitted Infections and in Birth Control.

Education (English as a second language)

Aim – The programme is focused on the provision and development

of the English language (speaking and writing skills) to help

individuals to be able to communicate with other English

speaking citizens who visits, live, work and study in Hungary.

Education (Build a School Project)

Aim – Our build a school project is for every young person especially the girl

child in Ghana to fulfil their potential and to make a difference.

We intend to increase their chances of a brighter future. Our aim is not

just to support the schools, but to develop a model which can

continue working without us.

Sport for Change

(Street and Working Children and Young People)

Aim – We aim to build a brighter future for young people

through a sport system that reaches, inspires and engages all young

people especially girls – whatever their age or ability.

Women’s Empowerment

(Urban, Micro-finance, Livelihoods, Economic Development, and Girls Involvement)

Aim – This programme aims to improve girls’ access to and attainment of a

basic education, and women’s access to and attainment of adult literacy.

This will lead to improvements in the confidence, self-worth and marketable

skills of women and girls.

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